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 4th Annual Honors Gala

The E9-1-1 Institute and NENA Host
4th Annual 9-1-1 Honors Gala

March 13, 2007


First Responder Award
Fire Captain Cary Cadieux

The First Responder Award recognizes an outstanding individual that is called upon during a 9-1-1 emergency— first responders are members of Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue or are Emergency Medical Service providers.  Their professionalism, initiative, creativity, bravery and diligence in assisting those in need often play a part in whether lives are saved, or lives are lost.

Captain Cary Cadieux (kah-doe) is a seasoned firefighter who displays patience and understanding during instruction.  His style of supervision combined with an overall readiness to inform, and instruct makes him not only an excellent mentor, but also an excellent partner when fighting a fire. 

In the early morning of October 24th, 2006 ME89 Riverside County Department of Forestry and Fire Protection responded to a vegetation fire in the hills above Banning, California.  The reported fire was being fueled by winds in excess of 60 miles per hour and was creating an extremely hazardous situation for the rural mountain population and homes in the area.    

This fire, as it steadily increased in size would become ultimately known as the “Esparanza Fire.”  Captain Cadieux led his team of firefighters through the thick ash and smoke for 36 continuous hours.  The crew of ME 89 along with several engines from Battalion 3 braved 60 feet scorching flames and zero visibility in their battle with a number of homes that had caught fire.  Crews that were in the area of Twin Pines Road stated that the area looked like a war-zone.  One particular firefighter stated that he saw

Captain Cadieux walk from the smoke and ash and it had looked like “he had just walked from the gates of hell.”

Ultimately five fire-fighters were killed in the Esparanza Fire though Captain Cadieux and his crew were able to save seven mountain homes.  Captain Cadieux’s leadership and dedication illustrated how a first responder with the skills necessary can serve and protect the public in a way that is well above an beyond description.  It is because of this dedication and leadership that I am proud to present Captain Cary Cadeiux as the 2007 First Responder of the year. 

Captain Cadiuex is dedicating his award to the 5 people that lost their lives in this fire.





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